Individuelle Werbemöglichkeiten für Ihr Unternehmen

Individual advertisement options for your company

We help you to creatively and individually advertise your company or store. The ACR Group GmbH is your expert for LED illuminated frames, heating elements, fabric prints and individual designed advertisement products. Our products convince with design, as well as with practicality and quality. Use them at fairs, events, promotions or in your store and have an outstanding performance at your costumers and potential buyers.
Carefully minding your wishes and visions, we will take care that your projects are realized just like you want them. See our products yourself and start designing your advertisement products today!

With visual optics to your perfect advertisement

Our LED illuminated frames, which you will find in countless variations and sizes, are especially valued. You can individually chose the size based on your needs. We will manufacture them within a millimeter for the perfect fit and look. With our products you can create the perfect performance of your product, company or store, just like you want it.
Our LED illuminated frames make a stylish advertisement tool, as they combine high quality fabric print and homogenous illumination. Of course, you can not only have a convincing performance regarding the looks with our products, but with also regarding the perfect sound with the ACR Mute. It is your solution for ideal room acoustics. Further, our products bring the advantage of being mobile and flexible. They are especially suitable for events, promotions or fairs.

Our heating elements and classic fabric print

Our great range of products is completed with the heating elements and fabric print. The ACR Heat is not only a heater, but a heating element, which is beautifully framed with aluminum. The front and the back side are each covered with fabric. You can design the fabric just like you like and easily change the prints. It perfectly works for advertisement.
You are very flexible using the ACR Heat, as you can use it with stands or attach it on the wall. An assembly set sent with the heating element makes the assembling easy and fast. You can also positively draw attention with our ACR Cube. Especially on fairs and promotions you might want to convince future costumers and stay in mind. Our ACR Cube consists of aluminum. With our specially developed frame parts you can put together your ACR-Cube – easy and uncomplicated.
You are on the right track with us, if you count on extraordinary advertisement and want to present your company perfectly. Store design, events or fairs – you will not be forgotten with our products.
The ACR Group GmbH stands for individual advertisement, innovative technology and high quality solutions. Are you interested but don’t know what product fits best for your needs? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to advise you regarding our product range.

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