ACR-Light Slim

ACR-Light Slim 


With the ACR-Light Slim Lightbox, we offer you a high quality eye-catcher, which should not be missed at any event, trade show, or store. With our ACR-Light Slim Lightbox you can easily order your light frame, with millimeter precision. The resistant frame, the homogeneous illumination of the high-resolution textile printing and the easy disassembly of the outer faces in order to exchange them quickly, form a perfect combination. Your designs will by this way, be elegantly and brilliantly presented.

The ACR-Light Slim is originally supplied with our ACR backlight fabric.

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35mm | Single side


Profil Overall depth Lightning Lumen Execution
APSF 35 35mm LED Lightbox 2000 Single side
APSF 35 35mm Backwall illuminated with LED (optional dimmer) 11000 Single side

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