ACR Heat – einseitig


Single Side

150cm x 110cm x 4,7cm / 210cm x 150cm x 4,7cm


The ACR-Heater offers a you a hidden heating element included in an elegant aluminum frame. Front and/or back of the frame is provided with high-quality printable fabric that can be easily changed. Therefore, the ACR-Heat can be used well for advertisement purposes with changing motives. The frame element can further be attached to a wall with an assembly set or be set up with aluminum stands.

The unique assembly brings various ways of usage:

  • As fixed heater with extensive motives
  • Room divider with a heating and advertising function
  • Fixed or mobile heating elements in shops or exhibitions
  • Fast and uncomplicated assembly and deconstruction of the heating elements, e.g. for events

Two standard sizes:1.500 x 1.100 x 47 mm – 410 Watt (230 Volt) 2.100 x 1.500 x 47 mm – 820 Watt (230 Volt)

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50mm | Single Side



Profil Overall depth Approval Bending radius
APSF 6L 50mm Single Side mind. 500mm

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